Personal Space

Penny Waller
The West Gallery
8 December 2005 to Sunday 22 January 2006


Penny Waller's exhibition focuses on interior cum exterior paintings of her intimate surroundings, concentrating on space and texture. Working for this exhibition has encouraged her to continue learning and exploring.

Penny was born in Scotland and after traveling widely she came to Johannesburg for the first time when she married Rowley. She has been interested in art all her life and has experimented in many mediums. She finally found her niche with Jane Heath and studied under her for some twenty years and more recently with Valerie Maggs. She is grateful for their guidance and for the encouragement given to her by John Cannon.

Penny Waller's pictures hang in many places around the world and she participated in the Jabulisa and Midlands Biennale exhibitions.


One of Penny Waller's works, The hat, was purchased for the collection from this exhibition. Penny painted The hatwhile she was studying under Jane Heath and it is a good example of the influence of Jane Heath on her work and the style of painting in Pietermaritzburg at the time.