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  • Schreiner Gallery

  • Sunday 13 November 2016 to Sunday 22 January 2017

Local Hilton artist, Jenny Hallowes, sees her art making as a road she is travelling, a work in progress. Her exhibition Lifescape represents this life journey. 

Her paintings and drawings are glimpses of her experiences, such as the livestock, river and rugged terrain on the farm Fisherman’s Bend,where her father did all his farming on horseback.

She includes images from the family’s beach cottage on the Pondoland Coast, with cattle on the beach, and goats, horses, pigs and chickens around the house where the artist still spends holidays.

She celebrates her life in Africa by rendering images of the tangled bush in Hluhluwe and Phinda game reserves, with a focus on the bright African light.

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Maritzburg Philatelic Society Exhibit

  • Lorna Ferguson Room

  • Tuesday 14 February to Saturday 25 February 2017 at 13h00

This award-winning display, which comprises stamps, postcards, commemorative envelopes and other memorabilia, celebrates the changing philately of Pietermaritzburg. The City has been capital of the Republic of Natalia (1836-1844), the Colony of Natal(1844-1910), and the Province of Natal (1910-1994), which is now the Province of KwaZulu-Natal. Also featured are regular events such as the Comrades and the Duzi marathons, the Royal Show, places of worship, various wars, and nature conservation. Dr Mike O’Connor, a well-known genealogist with expert knowledge about the City, will present two talks, on Saturdays 18 and 25 February at 11h00.

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Faye Spencer:  Departures

  • Schreiner Gallery

  • Opens: Sunday 29 January 2017 to Sunday 12 March 2017

This exhibition draws together three bodies of work spanning six years of Faye Spencer’s art production: the Office Politics series, Indian Yellow and the Wish Listprojects, which include paintings, printmaking and creative writing. 
Each of the three projects engages with notions of departure and dislocation, loss, and efforts at recovery, in various forms. The artist is interested in the dialogue that these different bodies of work establish internally in relation to the theme of departure, as well as the form that this dialogue assumes across all three projects.

Saturday 11 February at 11h00
The artist will present a talk on the relationship between creative writing and printmaking as she has experienced it.  

Our Heritage: Past - Present - Future

Sue Akerman, Un-titled, mixed media fibre

  • Main Exhibition Room

  • Closes Sunday 26 March 2017 at 17h00

This exhibition presents a selection of art works from the Gallery’s permanent collection which reflect the diversity of our national cultural heritage. Besides conventional media, art works on this exhibition have also been fashioned from found objects and natural fibres. Heritage represents our history and identity, our past, our present, and our future. An old family farm in KwaZulu-Natal served as inspiration for Sue Akerman’s fibre art work. The title, Un-titled, refers to issues of land redistribution. Viewers may discover that the work has been stitched together from surprisingly familiar objects.

Standard Bank Young Artist 2016 

  • Mohau Modisakeng

Mohau Modisakeng, Standard Bank Young Artist 2016

Mohau Modisakeng, Standard Bank Young Artist 2016

  • Main Exhibition Room

  • Sunday 9 April to Sunday 14 May 2017

Mohau Modisakeng was born in Soweto in 1986 and works between Johannesburg and Cape Town. He received the Standard Bank Young Artist Award for Visual Art in 2016. Modisakeng uses his body to explore the influence of South Africa’s violent history on how we understand our cultural, political and social roles as human beings. Represented through film, large-scale photographic prints, installations and performance, Modisakeng’s work responds to the history of the black body within the (South) African context. 


Recent Acquisitions

Leonora Everard-Haden,  Untitled , oil on board

Leonora Everard-Haden, Untitled, oil on board

  • Schreiner Gallery

  • Opens: Friday 17 March 2017 at 10h00

  • Closes: Sunday 21 May2017 at 17h00

As funds become available, the Gallery is able to purchase new art works for the permanent collection. 
In addition, the Gallery receives generous donations of art works. All purchases and donations are approved by the Acquisitions Committee. Most of the works in this display have been acquired in the last three years, and many have interesting origins. This painting by Leonora Everard-Haden is one of a group of art works donated by Dr Valerie Leigh, a former curator of the Tatham Art Gallery.