Siyabonga Ngubane - Workshop Linocut
Siyabonga will conduct two workshops on Tuesdays 07 & 14 May 2019 where he will share his printmaking skills and show participants that Linocut is an easy-to-learn method for making prints that requires only a small amount of space and just a few tools and materials. Once you've learned the basics you can easily do this at home. Join this fun printing workshop.
Booking essential. Contact . or 033 392 2823


Suite 415
Tatham Art Gallery
Sunday 9 June 2019 12h00
Tickets R80 / R50 at the door.

Suite 415 comprises an affiliation of some of the province’s most accomplished and respected classical and Baroque musicians: Margrit Deppe (Baroque Oboe); Aristide du Plessis (Baroque Cello / Basso Continuo), David Smith (Harpsichord / Cembalo) and Evelien Ballantine (Baroque Flute / Traverso).

The programme features a carefully-chosen repertoire of beautiful works by leading Baroque composers GP Telemann; Pietro Locatelli, JS Bach and GB Sammartini.

The distinctive sound of the harpsichord creates an almost-immediate association with music from the Baroque era. Harpsichords were used extensively from the 15th until the 18th centuries and has found favour again in recent decades.  Harpsicords are typically also ornately decorated and painted – often with historically-inspired flora and fauna; pastoral scenes; ornamental motifs and inspirational verse. Such decoration is very specific to this instrument and has become a respected and recognised art form with variants which differ over time and place.

ReRouting Arts Festival

Several events of the ReRouting Arts festival take place in the Tatham Art Gallery. Click on these images to see the full programme.


An extensive report was published in ‘The Witness’ on Saturday 16 February 2019 by Arts Editor Estelle Sinkins detailing the restoration efforts after the flood of May 2017. (You can read a report on the flood here).


Litter Bin Design-and-Painting Workshop
with Jono Hornby

Monday 18 to Wednesday 20 March 
09h00 to 15h00
Lorna Ferguson Room
As part of its Outreach Programme, the Tatham Art Gallery will invite a number of artists to participate in an exciting new project.  In two three-day workshops in March, facilitated by designer Jono Hornby, energetic artists will design and paint images on large prepared litter bins for the city centre in the Lorna Ferguson Room. 
Members of the public are welcome to observe the painting  workshops while the Gallery is open (Tuesday to Sunday, 09h00 to 17h00).

Individuals who sponsor bins, and businesses who contribute to the cost, will be acknowledged. For contributions, contact

Artists will get exposure, and a small honorarium if they so wish. All materials will be provided. With the assistance of the Municipality the bins will be placed in the Tatham Grounds in a campaign to draw attention to the litter problem in the city centre.

Interested artists need to complete application forms, available at the Gallery, if they wish to be placed on our list.
Contacts or 033 3922 819/084 824 7217 (except Tuesdays)


Posters for our monthly concert presented on Sundays in association with MUSIC REVIVAL.