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"Women for Children" Print Portfolio Exhibition

Art for Humanity
The Main Gallery
15 February to 15 April 2007

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Art for Humanity's Women for Children print portfolio consists of a collaboration of 50 foremost women artists and poets, 46 of which are South African, on the issue of children's rights and welfare.

Judith Mason a flower for MalikaThe print portfolio includes contributions of etchings, linocuts, digital and mixed media prints created specifically for the campaign. Each artwork is accompanied by a poem in dialogue with the art communicating a strong message on the rights of our children and each poem has been translated into one of South Africa's 11 official languages.

Participating Artists

Some of the art and poetry collaborations included are from the following prominent women artists and poets: Bronwen Vaughan-Evans and Nise Malange; Gabisile Nkosi and Mavis Smallberg; Bronwen Findlay and Yvette Christiansė; Kim Berman and Mmatshilo Motsei; Diane Victor and Michelle McGrane; Lien Botha and Karen Press; Giselle Baillie and Magasina Majundo and Judith Mason and Magasina among others.

The work featured at the exhibition has recently been part of a national billboard campaign which involved the flighting of 21 art and poetry collaborations all over South Africa. The exhibition opening will double up as the launch of look at me - Women Artists and Poets Advocate Children's Rights, a book published by Art for Humanity, featuring a catalogue of the art and poetry commissioned for the Women for Children project.

Art for Humanity, has initiated a number of successful campaigns involving well-known and emerging artists creating art around human rights issues.

look at me - Women Artists and Poets Advocate Children's Rights

look at me - Women Artists and Poets Advocate Children's Rights is a powerful and poignant collection of art and poetry published by Art for Humanity.

The book launched on the 15th of February 2007 at the Tatham Art Gallery.

The art and poetry featured in look at m is the product of Art for Humanity's Women for Children project.

Art and Poetry Collaborations

The art and poetry collaborations are the focal part of the book and they have collectively rendered the plight of our children more visible - the poetry deepening the visual messages that emanate from the art. The work also highlights the voices of women as the mothers and primary care givers of our nation. Moreover, the aesthetic quality of the art and poetry adds inspirational value to the collection, thereby ensuring its impact on present and future generations.

Judith Mason a flower for MalikaTo inform and inspire society, extracts from the poetry have been translated into South Africa's eleven official languages with the intention of allowing all South Africans to identify with the messages and claim these as their cultural heritage.

Additional features of the book include an intimate look at the role of art in advocacy and social development in South Africa. Although art advocacy has been practised as a form of therapy and at celebrations such as concerts and festivals, art-based advocacy like the Women for Children project, focused on sustainable development, hardly exists. In this sense Art for Humanity faces a blank canvas. Although there are many historical examples of art playing a role in advancing humanity in areas such as religion, health, economy, identity, gender and heritage, this role of art in society has largely been subverted by commercialism.

Art for Humanity have published the book with the objective that the Women for Children project, with its combination of art and poetry, will inspire South Africans to take moral ownership of the suffering of our children and to actively pursue the protection of their rights and welfare.

To purchase a copy of the book please contact Art for Humanity on +27 (031) 203 6610 or For more information go to:

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