National Arts Council Craft Project

In 2010, the Gallery received funding from the National Arts Council for an exhibition and publication on contemporary craft in KwaZulu-Natal. Lovers of excellence have long been concerned about the mass of unimaginative and sub-standard wares that is sold as craft all around us. We hoped to find craft items that were excellently constructed, had aesthetic appeal, and which had a sense of originality.

Brendan Bell with National Arts Council Craft

The Gallery staff set out with enthusiasm on a series of well-planned field trips. Our aim was to meet, interview and photograph crafters in their working environments, and to purchase high quality craft items. We scoured the province from north to south and east to west, and have selected an exhibition we feel reflects the best craft produced in the province.

The publication which accompanies the exhibition offers some insights into issues which currently concern crafters and craft making. Photographs help suggest the environments and conditions under which craft is produced. This is sometimes a salutary lesson of how the human spirit is capable of producing beauty in spite of all odds.

This show is for anyone interested in beautiful objects. Don't miss it.

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