Jutta Faulds: Circles of Tranquility

Jutta Faulds, Burnout

Jutta Faulds

Jutta Faulds is a self taught fibre artist. She has worked as a mixed media/fibre artist for a number of years and has exhibited both in solo exhibitions and as part of a group.

Today she spends her time teaching design/dyeing/felt making and related skills on an informal basis. She is involved in the running of MACS (the Midlands Arts & Craft Society) in Pietermaritzburg.

The pieces on the exhibition are mixed media, including fabric and recycled paper in many guises. "There are a number of mandala-making approaches one could use to involve others. Mandalas have been an obsession of mine for a number of years. Mostly they have been small and personal expressions, a form of meditation, an obscure record of daily concerns, a distraction, in other words a kind of life support I am referring to my life", she said.

This is not the first time Jutta has exhibited at the Tatham Art Gallery, and her work can be found in private and public collections both in South Africa and overseas.