Hand-made Books

Jutta Faulds, Jane Harley and Leya van der Sandt, three Pietermaritzburg artists of varied interests and experience, have all attended a series of book-binding workshops with Estelle Liebenberg-Barkhuizen during the past year. This exhibition is the culmination of a year's work for each artist.

Hand-made book by Estelle Liebenberg-Barkhuizen

Hand-made book by Estelle Liebenberg-Barkhuizen

Estelle, art historian and artist, and Senior Conservation Officer at the Alan Paton Centre, has completed a number of specialized paper conservation courses in Switzerland. She has been teaching the local group a number of different book-binding techniques, from simple sewn paper blocks to Japanese stab-binding, focusing on the craftsmanship of preparing covers and sewing spines.

Each hand-bound book displays the artist's personal approach to book-binding. Some include hand-made decorative papers; some have been used for writing, illustration and collage, while others can be admired for their clean, functional forms.

Estelle has been invited to join the artists in exhibiting her own hand-made books.

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