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Gerard Bhengu on Edendale Excels - 7 February to 22 June 2008

Gerard Bhengu, the eldest amongst the Edendale group, represents the beginnings of black art that developed into mainstream art and art appreciation. His watercolour or ink paintings and drawings were initially made as illustrations for ethnographic and sociological recordings. These illustrated the differences in cultural practices between certain Nguni language groups found in Kwazulu-Natal. Bhengu studied at the Edendale Vocational College (later called Technical High School) during the thirties. His talents were later recognized and used for private and public commissions.

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Works by Gerard Bhengu on the Edendale Excels Exhibition 2008

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No Title Date Medium TAG No
1 Landscape - Watercolour on paper 1075/88
2 Landscape - Watercolour on paper 1076/88
3 Portrait of a Man - Watercolour on paper 1612/92
4 Portrait of a Woman - Watercolour on paper 1704/93
5 Portrait of a Man - Watercolour on paper 1705/93
6 Portrait of a Child - Watercolour on paper 1706/93
7 Landscape with Male Figure and Dog - Watercolour on paper 1816/96

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