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For some time there has been discussion about the possibility of acquiring a new piano for concerts at the Gallery. The Steinway Boudoir grand piano was purchased by the Friends of the Tatham Art Gallery during conversion of the Old Supreme Court building in the late 1980s. Few of you will know that a secure storage space off the Lorna Ferguson Room was included in the design. The piano is now an asset of the Tatham Art Gallery Board.

The Steinway is over seventy years old, and professional examination has revealed that previous renovations  were  questionable.  It  would  require a total rebuild, at great expense, to improve its performance capabilities.


Late last year the Board decided to acquire a brand new concert piano, using the Steinway as a trade- in. A  very generous  deal  was concluded with Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos in Cape Town. The outcome is that the Gallery will, in the near future, have a new Shigeru Kawai SK3L for concerts.

The SK3L excels with an extraordinary blend of superb tone and touch that has been admired by professional pianists across the globe, including our pianist-in-residence, Christopher Duigan.

Steady progress is being made with restoring the four hundred art works damaged in last yearís flood. To date work on thirty six paintings and thirty art works on paper has been completed.

Although the restoration process is slow, results can  be  spectacular.  Below  are  two  images  of Nils  Andersenís  Swiss  Landscape,  painted  in 1972. Simply removing the old, yellowed varnish and applying a new, clear layer has made an astonishing difference.

Brendan Bell


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