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From the Fire - An interaction of Earth, Fire and the Potter's Touch

Louise van Niekerk
The Schreiner Gallery
22 June to 6 August 2006

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Louise van Niekerk at the wheel

Louise van Niekerk has been involved in ceramics for more than 20 years, most of it spent on production work. She studied ceramics at the Free State Technical College for two years and thereafter with private teachers.

She produces a wide range of ceramics from earthenware and stoneware to Raku and smoke fired ceramics. It is especially in her Raku and smoke firing where she pushes the boundaries for example working with paper clay in both techniques.

Her work is always about balance - not only in the physical appearance, but also in the process.

In her work, Louise is inspired by contrasts. She says:

"The contrast between the strive towards technical perfection and what the fire will give back to you is for me the magic of Raku and smoke firing"

Together with her husband, Ian, she has also been producing stained glass lamps and windows for the past 15 years. Her latest focus is on sculptural stained glass lamps, incorporating fusion techniques.

Louise van Niekerk's pots

From the Fire exhibition opening address

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