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The Friends of the Tatham Art Gallery (FOTAG) is a very enthusiastic body of friends and volunteers that supports the Tatham Art Gallery, mainly through fund-raising events. Funds raised are primarily intended for purchase of new artworks for the Tatham's permanent collection. 

Annual events include a Quiz Evening along with a variety of concerts and outings. 'Private Eye' offers members, in a small group, a private visit to a local artist's studio. 

A major fund raising event is the annual 'The Fabulous Picture Show' held in November.  Artists donate original artworks which are later auctioned at a grand Fabulous Picture Show Auction.

Your support is valued in the form of annual subscriptions. As a paid-up member of FOTAG you will receive postal invitations to all exhibitions, a quarterly newsletter and advance notice of Gallery events. For the the subscription form click here.

You should also join the FOTAG email list by signing-up to the email list and like our page and group on Facebook.

Also visit the FOTAG website which features all the latest news and information on The Fabulous Picture Show. www.fotag.co.za

For further information on FOTAG  enquiries contact Christopher Duigan at chris@fotag.co.za.

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