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FOTAG Auction

Fundraising by the Friends of the Tatham Art Gallery

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Friends of the Tatham Art Gallery (FOTAG)

FOTAG Auction

Clear the clutter - make a buck - and support the Tatham!

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This is FOTAG's rallying cry for its latest fundraising project. You are asked to go through your possessions, identify those you can part with and place them on Cannon and Cannon's month-end auction on 27 November.

Cannon's has kindly agreed to reduce its commission on items from 20% to 10%. Our hope is that you will agree to donate at least 10% of the balance to FOTAG, which makes it a win-win scenario all round! The funds generated will be used to help purchase artworks for the Gallery's permanent collection.

Further information with more detail will reach FOTAG members shortly. Please support this initiative yourselves and pass the message on to family, friends and acquaintances. Let's make this a really successful project by working together! So... start clearing!

FOTAG Auction Form (PDF file)

Invitation and Form Information

Sliding Scale as an example of Auction items

The Friends of the Tatham Art Gallery (FOTAG) and Cannon's Auctioneers of the Quarry Centre, Hilton, invite you to bring in antiques and collectables that you would like to turn into cash at Cannon's pre-Christmas public antiques and collectables auction. This will take place on Tuesday 27 November 2007 from 09h00 and Wednesday 28 November 2007 from 09h00.

Cannons have offered to reduce their normal 20% commission on goods sold to 10% for Tatham well-wishers. You are asked to donate 10% of the balance to FOTAG. This means you will receive the remaining 80% of the proceeds. You may of course wish to increase your donation to between 11% and 100% of the balance. It's a win-win situation all round and funds generated by FOTAG will go towards purchasing artworks for the Gallery's permanent collection.

Fun Valuation Days

David Cannon has kindly agreed to give valuations to Tatham well-wishers on two dedicated Fridays at Cannon's Galleries, the Quarry Centre, Hilton, with no obligation to sell.


FOTAG helpers will be available to assist you with submissions and/or transport on the following Fridays:

The deadline for submissions is Friday 9 November 2007.

Items you can consider

Africana, African artefacts, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, bronzes, ceramics, clocks, copperware, figurines, fine wines & port, furniture, glassware, hallmarked silver, jewellery, lamps, militaria, mirrors, old toys, paintings, Persian carpets, prints, sculptures, smalls and collectables, stamps.


Jewellery must have a current certificate of valuation from a reputable jeweller. Reserve prices must be agreed to by David Cannon.

Contact details

Kobie Venter (Thursdays 9h00 - 12h00)
Ph 033 392 2801
Fax 033 394 9831
PO Box 321 Pietermaritzburg 3200
Email: kobie.venter(at)msunduzi(dot)gov(dot)za

Kindly email, fax or post to us your information before Friday 21 September 2007

FOTAG Auction Form (PDF file)

Cannon and Cannon website


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