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Current Exhibitions From The Collection


Time - Place - Culture

This eclectic display of British, French and South African art works spans more than three centuries. Each art work has its own story to tell.

Still Life with Omega Flowers (1919), by the English artist Roger Fry, was purchased in London for the Gallery’s collection in 1985. This painting extends the Gallery’s collection of British Post-Impressionist art works.

Between 1908 and 1912 the British artist, William Orpen, and his family spent their summers at Howth, a village just north of Dublin in Ireland. Howth Head offers spectacular views over the Irish Sea. A bell tent would be erected for shelter and it was here that Orpen started painting in the open air. He developed a distinctive plein-air style that featured figures composed of touches of colour with no drawn outline, influenced by the French Impressionists. In the Tent, Howth of 1912 is one of a series of paintings from this period.

William Orpen, In the Tent, Howth (1912)

William Orpen, In the Tent, Howth (1912)

  • Perimeter Gallery

Vessels and Containers

Part of the current display is a historic overview of 20th century South African commercial potteries. These potteries, of which few still operate, played an important part in South African society between the two World Wars. Viewers interested in the history of design will find a fascinating fusion of European and African influences. 

On the right hand side as you enter, ceramics from a number of historical South African commercial studios are displayed in chronological order. Information about these studios is posted on the inner walls of the cabinets. Look out for indigenous imagery that contextualizes these South African ceramics.

On the left hand side of the room you will see hand-made ceramic vessels by well-known individual South African artists. Note that some male potters were influenced by traditional female Zulu potters.

  • Ceramics Room

The South African Landscape

This display, selected from the Gallery’s permanent collection, features landscape paintings by South African artists.  Any two or more paintings in this display invite comparison and discussion.

The paintings are as varied as the South African Landscape, and show many different ways in which artists engage with their environment.  To a greater or lesser degree, all of them deal with abstraction. Some images are easily readable as particular places while others merely suggest space.  All retain an abiding respect for the two-dimensionality of the painted surface.

Landscape is used as a springboard for diverse personal exploration.  There are challenges of suggesting spaces with marks and colour; engaging the viewer in experiencing particular weather conditions and landscape formations; and inviting consideration of environmental issues.  Many of the paintings depict people, sometimes starkly visible and at other times almost dissolved in the landscape.

Human figures are often completely absent from landscape paintings. When they do appear, they are often dominated by their surroundings. Figures can play various roles to enforce the artist’s view of the rural or urban environment. Images can range from detailed observation to simplification or even distortion, often to enhance a mood or express feelings. You are invited to ponder the depiction of figures in the paintings in the display.

  • Lorna Ferguson Room

The Fabulous Picture Show artworks can be viewed online at FPS IMAGES 2017 at

fotag_2017_20170818 copy.jpg

FOTAG’s The Fabulous Picture Show


Exhibition may be viewed on Sunday 12 November from 14h00

Art works will be loaded onto the FOTAG website by 10h00 on Sunday 12 November (

Exhibition may be viewed daily between 09h00 and 16h00 (except Mondays) until the day of the auction

Silent bidding: Thursday 23 and Friday 24 November from 10h00 to 16h00


Friday 24 November at 18h00 for 18h30. Doors open at 18h00



Once again the Friends of the Tatham Art Gallery (FOTAG) present the annual Fabulous Picture Show, an exhibition and auction of art works, the proceeds of which ensure the continued growth of the Gallery’s permanent collection. Artists donate up to three original art works. This year, the viewing period extends over eleven days. Bidding sheets will be placed next to the works for the last two days (Thursday 23 and Friday 24 November) to allow for silent bidding. The auction will take place on the evening of Friday 24 November, when all art works will be sold. There is a reserve price of R250 on every art work and the auction is silent up to R800, after which art works will be sold by live auction. Should you be unable to attend, proxy bids can be arranged.


There were  are the top 10 sellers from The Fabulous Picture Show 2016.

Information for Artists

  1. Artists donate up to three original, unframed works of art to FOTAG.
  2.  Signed, editioned, original digital prints are very welcome, but not prints of existing originals.
  3. Boards and canvases are restricted to a maximum standard A4 only (21 x 29.7cm).
  4. Works on paper: the image should be no bigger than 13 x 21.7cm, to allow for mounting and framing.
  5. All 2D art works in the prescribed sizes will be framed by FOTAG, and hung by Gallery staff.
  6. 3D works are also welcome, size not to exceed A4 dimensions.
  7. Acceptance of art work is at the discretion of the FOTAG Committee.
  8. Art works will be loaded onto the FOTAG website by 10h00 on Sunday 12 November.
  9. Artists will be offered first option should their art works not be sold at the auction.

Enquiries or 033 392 2825 (mornings only)

The Schreiner Gallery Exhibitions

The Tatham Art Gallery has the pleasure of hosting solo and group exhibitions. The Schreiner Gallery in the Tatham Art Gallery is a temporary exhibition space for artists and groups working primarily in the Msunduzi region.

These exhibitions are accompanied by walkabouts, workshops, or artist-in-residence programmes. These exhibitions have become regular favourites on our programme. We would like to invite artists and art groups to make portfolio submissions for exhibitions. In order to determine whether an exhibition would be suitable for the Tatham Art Gallery we need as much information as possible. We would like to emphasise that incomplete submissions will not be accepted. The Education staff at the Gallery is available to provide feedback and guidance on the preparation of your portfolio.

Artists must submit a completed checklist with their portfolio submissions. Submissions will be circulated to the Exhibitions Committee before selection.

More information can be obtained with the  application form.