The Tatham Art Gallery Collection 1903 - 1974

Charles van Havermaet, Portrait of Mrs F S Tatham

Charles van Havermaet
(active 1895 - 1911)
Portrait of Mrs F S Tatham
Oil on canvas

This display shows selected artworks from the Gallery's permanent collection. Some very large works could not be displayed for lack of space. Artworks are grouped by the years in which they came into the collection, between 1903 and 1974, providing an overview of artistic development and changing tastes over a period of more than 70 years.

Included is a portrait of Mrs Ada Tatham, who started the collection. There is also information about other curators who were responsible for the growth and maintenance of the collection.

Robert Gwelo Goodman, Morning Glory: The Valley of a Thousand Hills, Natal

Robert Gwelo Goodman
(1871- 1939)
Morning Glory: The Valley of a Thousand Hills, Natal
Oil on canvas

The magnificent gift from Colonel Whitwell is not included in this display. It is on view in other rooms on the same floor. Further information about this period of the Gallery's history is available in the newly launched publication, Storm in the Wheatfield.