Assemblage: Peter Rippon

Peter Rippon's exhibition, Assemblage, brings together several of his unusual, meticulously rendered oil paintings. His curious still lifes explore the idea of collecting, preserving, and presenting objects. Some works appear scientific, or at least an attempt to emulate scientific processes, with specimens being collected and presented in incongruous ways. Other works are more like a personal collection, revealing a strange and fragile inner world.

However, the scientific and the personal often intersect. Juxtaposing the still lifes are paintings of haunting and enigmatic female faces. They peer out from a space cut out from the picture plane. They have an almost idealized beauty, and yet portray a tender humanity. Rippon depicts his subject matter as being enclosed within the picture plane in recessed spaces, or sometimes attached to the surface. This suggests that the painting is not merely a window or a snapshot of something that exists elsewhere, but that the subject depicted is actually situated on the wall in front of the viewer. This heightens the immediacy and intimacy of the painting, stripping away the safety barrier between the viewer and the subject matter.

Peter Rippon - Doll

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