About Face: 12 Artists - 84 Portraits

The About Face 12 Artists - 84 portraits project was a joint venture between the Tatham Art Gallery and a group of portrait artists invited by Cally Lotz. Most of the artists belong to a regular life drawing group, but for this exhibition some young artists sponsored by the Gallery joined them. In a series of interactive portrait workshops in the first half of 2011, the participants took turns to be the models. By drawing and painting each other, the artists honed their skills and produced a body of work for exhibition. Each artist was required to complete seven designated portraits, which included a self-portrait.

The members of the group learnt from each other, and also from a number of experts who were invited to give advice and feedback from time to time. The concept 'portrait' was often discussed and the group became aware of a wide range of interpretations. One of the most interesting end results was to see how differently the same person is portrayed by individual artists. It was soon evident that each portrait contained as much information about the painter as it did about the sitter, making each one another kind of 'self portrait'.

About Face portrait painting collage

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