Isidwaba (Woman's Skirt) - Unknown Zulu

Isidwaba (Woman's Skirt)

Unknown Zulu
Animal hide

Unknown Zulu (Traditional)

As mentioned in the introduction to this exhibition, there is quite a lot of published and unpublished information about the white artists represented in this exhibition. There is very little published or unpublished information about the black artists.

All the white artists are named; many of the black artists are not. We have chosen as far as possible to display work by black artists who are named and whose work we know dates from the period under review. Hence the diverse items and incomplete representation of the kinds of items produced by black women artists.

Many of the traditional items acquired by the Gallery since the late 1980s were purchased as parts of large consignments or donated from private collections. Very few of them came with any identification of the maker's name; at most the area of collection might have been identified.  Generic research has made it possible to identify, for example, the age of a beadwork item and the area in which it was probably made. It appears that the identity and story of the maker was not considered important enough to document.