Current Exhibitions

The Art of Democracy: 20 Years of Collecting

For the past twenty years the growth of the Gallery's permanent collection has been significantly affected by significant change in South Africa. Political, social, and economic shifts have impacted on the Gallery's acquisitions policy, as have developments in art making and theory.

  • Main Exhibition Room

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Generous Friends

For the last 30 years, the Friends of the Tatham Art Gallery (FOTAG) have generously assisted the Gallery to acquire works for its permanent collection.

  • Opens January to June 2015

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Contrasts: Vessels and Containers

Throughout human history, people from different cultures, from kings to commoners, have used a variety of containers for domestic purposes.

  • Ceramics Room

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Juxtaposition: style - metaphor - format

This selection from the Gallery's permanent collection includes portraits, landscapes and still-life. Art works in different media and from different times, both European and South African, hang side by side to provide a juxtaposition of style, metaphor and format.

  • Perimeter Gallery

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The South African Landscape

This selection of landscape paintings from the Gallery's permanent collection features a number of South African artists.

  • Lorna Ferguson Room

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The Tatham Art Gallery has been allocated funding for a number of Maintenance projects. In order to complete these projects, which will make the Gallery a better place for us all, we have decided not to plan any further exhibitions until September 2015. This will affect the Schreiner Gallery and all temporary exhibitions. Proposals to exhibit in the Schreiner Gallery will not be considered until then. The Gallery will remain open to the public as far as possible, but there may be the occasional day where we have to close for operational reasons. The permanent collection will be on exhibition during this time.